Martin´s Chilli

This Chilli dish is a slant on the famous chilli con carne. I like this one as it is quick and uses a chilli spice mix from Swartz which I think gives a good spicy Mexican dish and also thickens it and of course is quick!

500grms Minced Beef


One large Onion

Hot Chilli Spice Mix from Swartz

I tin chopped tomatoes

2 cups of water

Various Beans from a tin. Chilli, Brown, Red, Pinto, Chick peas whatever is available.

Fresh Coriander

Basmati Rice

Sour Cream

Fry the Onion and Garlic and mince until browned and then add a good 2 cups of water. Cook for 15 minutes and then start adding the tomatoes, tomato puree, dash of Lee and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, and of course the beans. A sprinkling of chilli flakes and a bunch of fresh corriander including stalks. Add the Hot Chilli spice mix from Swartz and the dish will come together. Add more water if a little dry or thick, this will reduce as you simmer the dish. Serve with basmati rice and sour cream for those not liking too hot. I deal as an eat up on its own with crusty bread. Enjoy!